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there is a light that never goes out

…yeah,this is the Cranberries light.For me! For you can be anything that is giving you hope, that makes you smile in the morning, that makes you thank God about in the night, that makes you love life and all that beautiful feelings.

So far the band had covered a few songs in the past (the Carpenters’ “Close to you” 1995,-Patsi Clyne’s “Crazy” 1996, -Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” 1998,-Elvis Prestey’s “In The Ghetto” 1999, plus some classics like Ave Maria by Dolores herself) but i was always fond of these songs after i listened the cover versions..if you know what i mean. Few days ago while the promo tour was starting they were asked to sing a cover.They choose The Smiths “Theres a light that never goes out” and this is a great classic that i already loved so much!..

here’s to those who dont remember it,though this is impossible

So the pleasure was double this time, a beloved song sang by my beloved voice of Dolores.I cried of emotion for thinking that whatever they do, even if i already like it, it becomes better and no offence to the Smiths and their fans.. but i love this cover so much.This was one of the songs that when you listen the original you wish you could hear it by your favorite band and it happened!…anyway,i listened to it hundred of times… Cranberrized style, its like if it was made for me. ..Great work guys! ..well the pleasure,the privilege is ours and we Thank You very much!

here’s the cover by The Cranberries.Enjoy!

eg. The Cranberries covered another favorite classic this month but its not published yet. the Cure’s “In Between Days” and i REALLY CANT WAIT!