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a Blue Daffodil or an Electric Lament..

I could use both mixed titles to describe today’s post.
it’s about two of the best Cranberries songs. “daffodil lament” and “electric blue”

i remember when i first listened to “electric blue” in “to the faithful departed” album (1996)
i was so amazed by the fact that the intro in this song was the same as the outro of “daffodil lament” a masterpiece from the previous album “no need to argue” (1994)

i was trying to synchronise the intro with the outro using a cassette tape and a vinyl LP.
i tried hours to do this.i still dont know why…
haha, ok i was still a child..

..apparently of that i was very affected by both of the songs.
i totally believe that Daffodil Lament is just the best song ever written but i know you probably dont like exagerates so i stop.

i stopped trying to listen the songs at the same time and i thought about it more..why do they choose to “connect” the two songs this way? COULD BE accidentaly..yes, this is very likely but i like my version more.

i feel that the second song was the 2nd part of the story.

Daffodil is about a broken relation ship from the very start with all the fear, disappointment,hasitation and courage someone must have to break up and then to move on and stand alone…try start over and see positive things again…while Electric is like surviving all the previous and finding a new love…a God sent “guardian angel” that change your life and somoene you can count on and so on…there is the comfort finally along with some agony to keep it this way…

i am very glad things turned this way for Dolores. in both sorrow and joy she can create some beautiful and epic songs like those two. thanks Dolores and lads…i would even Thank Don Burton for inspiring her to write electric blue along with so many great lovesongs she wrote because of him..but i would never thank the a$$hole who made her suffer when she wrote the sad songs of their debut and the following ones… im sure he knows now that he couldnt be more stupid…and she can turn “shit” into “gold” as she did with the first albums when many songs were inpired by this bad relation ship.’s the lyrics and the songs to listen one after the other…find the connection…and if you dont its’s a nice listening isnt it?