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the icicle didn’t melt…yet

..and how can ever melt?

i always knew a few things about James Bulger. The little two year baby that was murdered by two ten year old “kids”.Always made me sad…the reason that i got informed about it back in the middle 90’s was a very beautiful and deeply sad song by The Cranberries, its called “the icicle melts” . I found it amazing that Dolores was really feeling sad and really sounded like crying as a mother to a mother although she wasn’t yet herself. Never stopped listening this song and this record (No Need To Argue) in general as its my favorite album. Today, being grown up enough i was listening to the song again and decided to look about the story again. OMG! totally shocked of the details. My heart is crying more than what it did back then. Seeing it from a woman’s side now it makes me burst with hatred for the murderers. It was more than a kid’s death. It was a tortune and what makes me more sick is that those two “kids” were kept well and safe until they grew up. I know i’m the last one to judge but the last thing they deserved to have was an easy life. I sometimes wonder if there is a hell…hell as we fictionary know it…with flames and all that crazy painful shit. In cases like that this kind of hell should exist. I’m really really sad for this mother….i wish i could tell her something to ease her pain..i know its been 18 years since then but im sure she still feels the same pain…oy yeah…cause nine months is too long.