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It’s You…won’t you Stay with me?!

…unfortunately the man that Dolores was begging to stay with Her has passed away…Her beloved father is gone..

it’s actually the first time that i’m sheding a tear this way for someone that i dont know at all. Somehow i deeply love her family and i appreciated her parents always.I’m sure she owes alot of who she is to them and i love the way she is still connected with them.I couldn’t admire her more.

It was May 2007 when she released her first solo record (Are You Listening) that we heard about her father’s Mr Terence Patrick O’Riordanillness…But then she was happy that he was getting through it…
It was June 2011 when we travelled in London to see the Cranberries live in Feis festival, when before the adored classic Ode to my family, Dolores dedicated to her father this song, saying “for my father,he s not doing so good” and this video is on the bottom for you to watch.. and my heart broke…i just knew she wasn’t in her best mood although the performance was brilliant. One month later we cancelled our trip to Estonia to see them again live.It was cancelled due to his illness.It was already serious i guess.

I gave a letter to Her when i met her in Warsaw, i wished for him to recover soon…But our prayers and all the love and blessings and thoughts could never help. Few months later and while we re waiting for a new record (Roses Feb/2012) we read the sad news…”and i hope he s gone to a better place” Dolores!

We will all pass through this pain, i am only glad that you are there gathered with all the family members,,,im sure this made him feel better. Rest in peace Terence…from far far away…and from the botton of my heart!
Thanks for giving to Dolores such a great childhood,memories and all the beautiful things she could get from a beautiful surrounding. i guess it will always be YOU for Her

Here’s the songs Dolores wrote for her father…

Stay With me @2007

It’s You @2009

and here’s the classic “Ode to My Family” live in Feis Festival,London [18/06/2011] dedicated to her father!

Angel Fire…and Soul!

Have you ever felt helpless knowing that someone you love feels a big pain…?Big pain such as losing some of their closest people. Death! Cold cold emotion… and then you don’t know what to say and what to do to give some comfort?
This is what Dolores probably felt when she wrote “Angel Fire”..She wrote it as a gift to one of her sister’s in law,when the last one lost someone she loved. I again can affiliate with her lyrics and everyone can build a different story around it while hearing them.Thats the magic of music and that’s mostly the magic of Dol’s writing.
For all those who sometimes feel like they need an angel fire to take them higher…Whatever that means to you….dont forget to be careful,not to lose control,not to lose your soul when flying high…cause Dolores will come back in 2012 to ask you and make you wonder “where is your fire and soul?” but that’s another beautiful track..for another blog post.

Here I am posting the very first video of this song. I remember it was just before Christmas 2006 when they recorded it…my family was gathered around the house and I left them to check the cranberries daily news…I played the video and I cried within the first few seconds. It was such a long time that I haven’t seen her… long hair..such gorgeous appearance, full of positive energy and passion ..i will never forget it…such a strong emotion. Steve DeMarchi was there as always, he had long hair also.They both did great work there. That was a big and long awaited return..i post this for me but you can watch it if you like and share my joy 🙂

“Angel Fire” by Dolores O’Riordan
(@Are You Listening,2007)