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a song for women…everywhere

a song for women…everywhere.

there is a light that never goes out

…yeah,this is the Cranberries light.For me! For you can be anything that is giving you hope, that makes you smile in the morning, that makes you thank God about in the night, that makes you love life and all that beautiful feelings.

So far the band had covered a few songs in the past (the Carpenters’ “Close to you” 1995,-Patsi Clyne’s “Crazy” 1996, -Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” 1998,-Elvis Prestey’s “In The Ghetto” 1999, plus some classics like Ave Maria by Dolores herself) but i was always fond of these songs after i listened the cover versions..if you know what i mean. Few days ago while the promo tour was starting they were asked to sing a cover.They choose The Smiths “Theres a light that never goes out” and this is a great classic that i already loved so much!..

here’s to those who dont remember it,though this is impossible

So the pleasure was double this time, a beloved song sang by my beloved voice of Dolores.I cried of emotion for thinking that whatever they do, even if i already like it, it becomes better and no offence to the Smiths and their fans.. but i love this cover so much.This was one of the songs that when you listen the original you wish you could hear it by your favorite band and it happened!…anyway,i listened to it hundred of times… Cranberrized style, its like if it was made for me. ..Great work guys! ..well the pleasure,the privilege is ours and we Thank You very much!

here’s the cover by The Cranberries.Enjoy!

eg. The Cranberries covered another favorite classic this month but its not published yet. the Cure’s “In Between Days” and i REALLY CANT WAIT!

this is my life,this is my Journey….

I have to admit that the song “The Journey” *** wasn’t my favorite song of the album as much as a first single should be…i loved it but it wasn’t my favorite until i realise what is all about.Now i feel its one of the most complete and meaningful songs Dolores O’Riordan ever wrote. Having known the way she wrote it and the only few minutes needed to write it makes it even more perfect for me.

It’s obviously inspired by the journey of life as she says many times, she also said “you live only once so enjoy every day you live”..or “there are people who carried you and supported you when you were weak,when you were low,be sure to cherrish them” and beautiful things like that…and because of this i caught my self feeling much better while in any different case i d be bored or even miserable.

see.. really is important what this woman brings to my life and i think we should all try to understand what she says..the glass is half full if you believe it…and if you listen to her you can enjoy every day because this might be your perfect day and maybe it can’t be any better..

i was so happy that she reffered to that parable…because it shows how she is connected with God and how she can make everything she thinks a great song.

Take a minute to read it if you dont know it already

One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.
Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.
In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.
Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,
other times there were one set of footprints.

This bothered me because I noticed
that during the low periods of my life,
when I was suffering from
anguish, sorrow or defeat,
I could see only one set of footprints.

So I said to the Lord,
“You promised me Lord,
that if I followed you,
you would walk with me always.
But I have noticed that during
the most trying periods of my life
there have only been one
set of footprints in the sand.
Why, when I needed you most,
you have not been there for me?”

The Lord replied,
“The times when you have
seen only one set of footprints,
is when I carried you.”

NOW check the song and listen the lyrics. the video is as beautiful as the song is..

at last but not least, here i’m posting one of my most favorite interviews she ever had..
the fifth part is my favorite. I go and watch it every few days, especially when i’m tending to become sad for any reason.It works for me…She is wise she takes away my fears and everything bad…i love her.

THANK YOU once again Dolores!

*** for those who dont know the song,this is the first single from Dolores’ second solo record’No Baggage’ and please go and buy it right now!

Here: )

TWENTY ONE..reasons

someone opened a threat ..asking us to write a reason why we love this band and though i thought i would never be able to sum a few of my reasons i ended up writing all this…


surprise!!! they are “TWENTY ONE” reasons so you better listen to this song while reading this 🙂 it’s a beautiful live version that can give you chills..if you dont like it then “leave me alone”

ok, it’s true, i literally like everything they do and i am happy that i do, cuz they never ever let me down and they keep me happy but if this sounds way too general or boring i d specify a few things.
Of course there are more to come if i think about it but wanted to keep that as it was very spontaneous! enjoy and add anything u like!

so here’s 21 reasons to love THE CRANBERRIES!

1 – Dolores O’Riordan..Her voice! it’s so unique and beautiful that this would be a reason enough to be a fan..


2 – being humble after all those years even when they meet fans…having a humble life, their houses, their work appart the band and everything where they live it’s just too normal.. they never exagerate. They are so down to earth! Success didnt change them as persons


3 – writing their own songs since they only knew a few chords and notes,choosing the difficult way to start a band-not covering big hits..and then making success this way with songs that are brilliant classics since then,now and forever (eg:linger,dreams…)

4 – having a more successful 2nd album (no need to argue 1994) than an already successful debut (everybody else is doing it so why can’t we? 1993) and then changing utterly their sound to make a dark one as their 3rd album was (To The Faithful Departed 1996)was..then bringing out a brighter and different kind of ‘recovering’ album (Bury The Hatchet 1999)while everyone thought they were gone..then a happy one (Wake up and smell the coffee 2001) and so on..i love that they dare to do it as it they feel it no matter if its a RISK when it comes to the music business.. being theirselves its really important!!!!!!

5 – writing lyrics that are so personal all the time, the most of the songs are personal experiences/thoughts/feelings with a story behind and not fantasies


6 – being such a good friends with each other, you can feel the love between them, they smile glince,teasing all the time on stage and it’s this good relation ship in real life also…

7 – they know where TO STOP and when to start again.
this is very important


8 – they can have sold out shows and having a successful worldwide tour even if there is no new release for the last ten years, even if they play same setlist forever.


9 – metal fans respect them:)..they have impact in fans of every genre


10 – they dont really belong to a genre,they are a genre on their own.


11- they make interesting songs out of cliche topics. for example “the love of a mother to a child” …the animal instinct..


12 – they come up with the most interesting titles..a song called ZOMBIE?!?!respect !!!;)


13 – they have great videos and artworks –i cant even choose one-, they always choose the best people to work with. (Storm Thorgerson, Stephen Street, Olivier Dahan, Samuel Bayer…)


14 – they make music for them..they love their fans but they are not trying to please anyone else except their selves..that makes them so original and gives them a great quality as a band


15 – they have great chemistry as a band but they can make brilliant solo works also.


16 – they believe in family above all.They re so close to their parents


17 – their bsides are very good songs, sometimes equal as singles


18 – they have a song for every occassion…everytime i need one, they have it.


19 – if you beliebe in them they can teach you how to be yourself and accept what you are and dream and make your dreams come true. It really works


20 – they grew up in the middle of the fields..well Dolores did but they all come from very small places..


21 – in a more personal side, they bring out the best in me. i got so many good friends and people in my life that i dont think i would ever get. i change to a better person for many reasons and mostly because of the enormous love that i feel for them…caring for them as a family or even more.they even taught me english :).. i own them a lot anyway.


so who needs more reasons? if you ‘still do’ just let me know.

Happy December everyone!

It’s You…won’t you Stay with me?!

…unfortunately the man that Dolores was begging to stay with Her has passed away…Her beloved father is gone..

it’s actually the first time that i’m sheding a tear this way for someone that i dont know at all. Somehow i deeply love her family and i appreciated her parents always.I’m sure she owes alot of who she is to them and i love the way she is still connected with them.I couldn’t admire her more.

It was May 2007 when she released her first solo record (Are You Listening) that we heard about her father’s Mr Terence Patrick O’Riordanillness…But then she was happy that he was getting through it…
It was June 2011 when we travelled in London to see the Cranberries live in Feis festival, when before the adored classic Ode to my family, Dolores dedicated to her father this song, saying “for my father,he s not doing so good” and this video is on the bottom for you to watch.. and my heart broke…i just knew she wasn’t in her best mood although the performance was brilliant. One month later we cancelled our trip to Estonia to see them again live.It was cancelled due to his illness.It was already serious i guess.

I gave a letter to Her when i met her in Warsaw, i wished for him to recover soon…But our prayers and all the love and blessings and thoughts could never help. Few months later and while we re waiting for a new record (Roses Feb/2012) we read the sad news…”and i hope he s gone to a better place” Dolores!

We will all pass through this pain, i am only glad that you are there gathered with all the family members,,,im sure this made him feel better. Rest in peace Terence…from far far away…and from the botton of my heart!
Thanks for giving to Dolores such a great childhood,memories and all the beautiful things she could get from a beautiful surrounding. i guess it will always be YOU for Her

Here’s the songs Dolores wrote for her father…

Stay With me @2007

It’s You @2009

and here’s the classic “Ode to My Family” live in Feis Festival,London [18/06/2011] dedicated to her father!

a song for women…everywhere

yeah, this could be women’s anthem all around the world…why not?! its just two lines and yet Dolores voice and the band’s playing makes it one of the most beautiful and strong songs. It wasn’t a single but it was loved alot by the and non fans…women and not only.
this is just to express how much i admire the reason she wrote it about, take a look…
Pretty (Dolores’ interpretation)

Sometimes it takes you a long time to realize that you have a lot of beauty in yourself.
And I think at that stage I realized that I had beauty in myself, even though I wasn’t like a supermodel or anything like that
but I think that every woman has beauty in herself, and sometimes they have problems seeing it in themselves.
I think it was kinda written at that stage when I saw it in myself, and I saw it in other women that didn’t see it in themselves.
And it was kind of a song that states that every woman is pretty for what she has and what she is.”

You’re so pretty The way you are
And you have no reason To be so insolent to me
you got to say it if you want to But you won’t change me”

no need to worry…

/i know that everybody else is doing it, so why can’t i? i ve been thinking of starting a blog about my fav band “the cranberries” and my eternal idol Dolores O’Riordan but i was always so lazy. First because my english suck and i can’t always express exactly my feelings..nevetheless im very proud for knowing the english i know because i never went to a damn private lesson to learn the language. I learnt alone while trying to translate every song this band wrote and every word they said in every single interview. not saying im the most clever person on earth for learning what i know alone but thats the way it is. I just say how the things went.
Second of all i didn’t try to start a blog earlier because eventhough i have many stories and material to share , i ve always been visiting other great blogs/sites/forums and i thought its too much effort to be one of them. Plus im crap when it comes to transfer/convert/upload stuff which i m willing to do on time..
Today i read on a blog a totally nonsense text and i thought that even if it was nonsense it stole 5 minutes of my life and of my working time. Why not spending them to write my own thoughts? ..and i have so many! tehe

My thoughts will linger to the band and whatever comes around them but not only.I decided today not to worry about the subject, im not a pro im just another ordinary psycho fan with “normal” life. Have a nice day and smell your coffee!

wake up and smell the coffee promo