no need to worry…

/i know that everybody else is doing it, so why can’t i? i ve been thinking of starting a blog about my fav band “the cranberries” and my eternal idol Dolores O’Riordan but i was always so lazy. First because my english suck and i can’t always express exactly my feelings..nevetheless im very proud for knowing the english i know because i never went to a damn private lesson to learn the language. I learnt alone while trying to translate every song this band wrote and every word they said in every single interview. not saying im the most clever person on earth for learning what i know alone but thats the way it is. I just say how the things went.
Second of all i didn’t try to start a blog earlier because eventhough i have many stories and material to share , i ve always been visiting other great blogs/sites/forums and i thought its too much effort to be one of them. Plus im crap when it comes to transfer/convert/upload stuff which i m willing to do on time..
Today i read on a blog a totally nonsense text and i thought that even if it was nonsense it stole 5 minutes of my life and of my working time. Why not spending them to write my own thoughts? ..and i have so many! tehe

My thoughts will linger to the band and whatever comes around them but not only.I decided today not to worry about the subject, im not a pro im just another ordinary psycho fan with “normal” life. Have a nice day and smell your coffee!

wake up and smell the coffee promo

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  1. Hello from a fellow cranfan! 🙂 I just discovered you blog and I really like it! Interesting thoughts about songs. Please, keep writing! 😉 I’m really enjoying your posts.

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